One Reverse Mortgage

One Reverse Mortgage was founded in 2001 and later acquired by Quicken Loans, one of the largest mortgage lenders out there. By some measures, One Reverse is the largest reverse mortgage lender in the United States, and the company specializes in this product alone.

Like the other lenders profiled on this website, One Reverse is approved by the FHA and HUD to originate reverse mortgages through the HECM program. The company currently operates in 47 states.

One Reverse Mortgage is well known for its tv commercials starring Henry Winkler, better known as The Fonz from Happy Days. According to Winkler, “Reverse mortgages provide homeowners with options, and unfortunately, not enough people know they exist.” We tend to agree with this accessment.

Here’s one of the company’s television advertisements:

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Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for Me?

Many retired Americans are homeowners, and among these homeowners many have built up significant home equity. That’s real wealth, but unfortunately it is not easy to tap into this equity without selling your home. A reverse mortgage provides an option for using some of your home’s equity for whatever purposes you see fit, it is nothing more and nothing less.

A reverse mortgage could be right for you if:

  • You are retired and want to add to your fixed income.
  • You don’t qualify for a home equity line of credit
  • You plan to remain in your home for a long time
  • You understand that a reverse mortgage is a tool to integrate into a larger retirement plan

More about One Reverse

You can visit One Reverse at Once you’re on their website, it is simple to request free information that will teach you more about this financial product.

Click here for more information from One Reverse Mortgage, absolutely free!